Buying a home can be a difficult process full of confusing terms, forms, and processes. Not having the paperwork you need in place can slow down and delay the loan process. By having everything in place for your lender, you can move a little quicker through the process. Feel free to click around in hopes you'll find what you need!

Credit Info & Tips

Gather information here on credit scores, reporting, how to improve your credit score and your report. You'll also find credit tips for when you are going applying and going through the loan process, as well as, a handful of FAQs when it comes to credit reporting agencies and how to obtain a free credit report.


How To Make The Loan Life Easier

Have you ever wondered if there is a way to for you to assist in possibly making the loan process even smoother, and dare we say, a little faster? Once we find a loan that fits your needs, there are indeed some steps you can take to assist us in making the process much smoother for everyone involved!


Dos & Don'ts of Home Buying

Do this! Don't do that! Sounds like an authoritative figure getting demanding! However, although one may want to resist and not listen, it's best to avoid looking back and thinking, "darn, if only I listened, I would have saved myself a lot of time and pain in the long run". To help avoid such regrets, we offer our wisdom and are happy to provide a home buying guide pinpointing a few basic dos & don'ts.


Mortgage Documents

Documents, documents, documents! All for proof and verification purposes and all part of the game. Like they say, "don't hate the playa, hate the game"! Want to be prepared when filling out your loan application whether online, over the phone or in person? Here's a list that will help you get off on the right track.


Mortgage Glossary

It's not the best feeling when people start speaking jargon that might as well be a foreign language. In the mortgage glossary section, you will find various amounts of words that are often used in the mortgage/real estate/title industry. Get your learning on!


Mortgage Blog

Do you by chance enjoy reading blogs? Do you also enjoy watching HGTV and other home improvement type shows? Well, this blog just might be for you. Read up on various topics from mortgages to home improvement and anything else in-between.


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