FHA & Conventional Home Loans


Low down payment options with flexible qualifying guidelines. Both FHA and Conventional loans have a wide variety of options including funds from family or friends, seller contributions and options for borrowers with possibly less than perfect past credit events.

Low Down Payment Options

Low down payment options! FHA offers 3.5% down and Conventional offers 3% down! Not to forget, both programs also allow a seller's contributions of 6% to help go toward closing costs. Feeling tight on funds for upfront costs? This may be an option for you!

Gift Funds

Don't have money for a down payment, but have family or friends who want to give you money for a down payment? That's great! Gift funds are allowed! Your entire down payment can come from gift funds for both of these programs.

Non Occupying Borrowers

Attention all parents, grandparents or whomever is looking to help someone get into a new home. Non-occupying borrowers are allowed to help the occupying borrowers qualify for the loan. A great option for parents looking to help their children buy their first home!

"There is something permanent and something extremely profound, in owning a home."
- Kevin Guinn

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